The filling machine of high pressure PK-200

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300 - 3750 g/sec
Delivery to regions and countries of the CIS Quality guarantee from the manufacturer

The PK-200 filling machine is intended for thermal insulation of pipes Ø45 … to Ø820 up to 12 meters long and also shaped products of all sizes.

The filling machine of high pressure PK-200 – the maximum volume of 200 liters a minute (extreme productivity: minimum – 300g/sec., maximum – 3.75 kg/sec. of mix at a ratio of components 1.7:1). Ratio of B: A it is possible to change from 1:1 to 5:1 or up to 1:5. The maximum dose of filling for 40 sec. – 150 kg.

The PK-200 machine is equipped with installation of heating of components, 2.5 kw, with the pump which gives the heat carrier to shirts of capacities. Control of temperature visual, with a possibility of adjustment of temperature on a copper.

The PK-200 filling machine is equipped with the unregulated pumps and frequency converters allowing to change the capacity of each pump.

The filling machine is equipped with the new controller allowing to bring the following parameters to the display: productivity in a second of components A and B, a ratio A: B, an expense of components, and also by means of touch management on the display it is possible to change a ratio of components, capacity of pumps, changing turns of electric motors. On the display parameters of pressure A and B which is easy for supporting in identical parameters by means of adjustable nozzles which equipped a filling head are removed. There is a program of the controller at which upon transition to other button of filling also the ratio, i.e. it can be done under each released detail will change. At start of the filling machine on components, sampling through a dividing head undertakes and by means of touch management the actual capacity of pumps of grams on a turn is established. Accounting of components is provided: separately A and B, together, for change, week, monthly, quarter.

Within a year all control goes on the display, in the subsequent control check of capacity of pumps is carried out once a year or every two years. When using the filling machine and controller of new generation the exact ratio of components is provided that provides the guaranteed quality of products.

On the filling machine the self-cleaning filling head (The Copyright certificate 16874444) which is providing ideal hashing of components, not demanding washing and a purge is established. Accuracy of maintenance of necessary temperature of components of 0.5 ° C. The provision of a head — vertical, horizontal, at an angle.

Power: 52 kW

Productivity: max productivity is 3750 g/sec., min productivity is 300 g/sec.

Range of ratios: 1:5 – 5:1

Maximum capacity at a ratio of B: A-

1:1 — 2,800 g/sec.

1.8:1 — 3,700 g/sec.

Volume of capacities: 0.63 m3

Power: 52 kW


Basic complete set of filling machine of high pressure of the Polymer-Komplex:

Pneumatic pumps for downloading components from tare capacities in filling machine capacity

Capacities of 0.6 m3 with water shirts for thermostating of components and visual level. In coordination with the customer of capacity are established on a filling machine frame, or stand nearby.

The device of heating of components in capacities

The mixer on component A capacity

Temperature sensors

Adjustable safety valves of pressure

The axial-plunger unregulated pumps aggregated with electric motors installation of magnetic couplings is possible

The frequency converters allowing to change the capacity of each pump and a ratio of components

Mesh filters with the crane for discharge of the filtered parts.

Electronic sensors of pressure and arrow manometers on lines of circulation of components of high and low pressure

Hydroelectric power station with the hydroaccumulator, for management of work of a hydraulic cylinder of a filling head and the cut-off valves providing switching of small and big circulation. Pressure in a hydraulic system is supported automatically in the range of 90-180 atm

The electrocase with a control system equipped with the Delta controller

The touch display  which there is all control. Main functions of the program: 60 programs of filling with a task of a ratio and productivity; control of level, temperature and pressure with the system of protection; the day off mode which is periodically including circulation of components on a machine contour in days off and holidays; the table of filling of pipes where it is possible to enter data on a pipe — diameter of a steel pipe, diameter of a cover (steel or plastic), the cover length, the required density and the machine  itself will count seconds of filling with the adjusted material productivity; storage of information on fillings and accidents, with a possibility of transfer on the USB carrier

Filling head

Rotary arrow of 2.2 m, 270 ° for a filling head with the pneumatic cylinder as the balance weight providing smooth rise and lowering of a filling head by the operator

Control panel


Additional complete set:

Chiller (heating/cooling device) of components

Capacities of 1 m3

Sensors of level of components in capacities

The system of automatic downloading components in filling machine capacity

Rotary arrow with the spring balance weight

The mixer on component B capacity

Magnetic couplings on pumps

Driving rail cart. The filling machine with capacities is installed on the cart and moves on rails along forms.

storage of components (component A and B on 4 m3) with automatic downloading components in filling machine capacity

50% prepayment, 40% — upon readiness of the machine for shipment, 10% — within 5 days after signing of the act of a commissioning at the plant of the Buyer. Enter the price start-up — adjustment works, training of personnel, technology and guarantee maintenance during 1 year.

Payment through leasing is also possible

Delivery — shipment at own expense.

Sale of the equipment in leasing or the credit is possible.

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