Equipment for production of polyurethane foam-panels

We bring to your attention our equipment for production sandwich panels. We do such complex in 2 options – the filling machine and filling forms, or the filling machine and a press.

The 1st option:

The PK-90 filling machineте and forms providing adjustment on thickness from 80 to 200 mm. On these forms there are no thermostatic clamping plates. At reliable thermostating of a component there is no need to have the heated plates for the VULTURE panels. It is obligatory to have the heated plates when we do sandwich panel with metal facings.


It is possible to plan the site, as on these photos

The form represents a rigid metal construction on wheels. On a bottom of a form the plate of SMALLPOX is put by size 1250kh2800kh12mm, then it nestles the leaning-back sidewalls 120 mm or 150 mm high. On each side the polyethylene film is laid or anti-adhesive lubricant is applied, then there is a filling of polyurethane foam , after filling on the top end face of levels the sheet SMALLPOX size 1250kh2800mm keeps within and the top cover falls, providing the necessary provision of the sheet SMALLPOX, then clips are closed.

After endurance in the form of 20-30 minutes the ready plate is taken from a form.

Heating, at this design of a form is made by a fan heater or on the lower metal construction air fire-bar element .

The cost of a filling form in coordination.

For production of panels we bring to your attention the PK-90 filling machine – with a productivity up to 90 liters in min. (productivity we are regulated from 120g/sec. to 1500/sec. to at a ratio of components A: B from 1:1 to 5:1).

The filling machine is equipped with the new controller allowing to bring the following parameters to the display: productivity in a second A and B, a ratio A: B, an expense of components, and also by means of touch management on the display it is possible to change a ratio of components, capacity of pumps, changing turns of electric motors. On the display parameters of pressure A and B which is easy for supporting in identical parameters by means of adjustable nozzles which equipped a filling head are removed. At start of the filling machine on components, sampling through a dividing head undertakes and by means of touch management the actual capacity of pumps of grams on a turn is established.

Within a year all control goes via the display, in the subsequent control check of capacity of pumps is carried out once a year or every two years. When using the filling machine and controller of new generation the exact ratio of components is provided that provides the guaranteed quality of products.

On the filling machine the self-cleaning filling head, (The Copyright certificate 16874444) not demanding washing and a purge is established.

The provision of a head – vertical, horizontal.

Power – 25 kW.



1.1. Capacities of 0.3 m3 assembled for the polyurethane foam components

with a shirt for the heat carrier – 2 pieces.

with the mixer on component “A”

(each capacity has the passport as the vessel working under pressure)

1.2. Installation of heating of components, power is 2.5 kw,

it is equipped with the pump which gives the heat carrier or flowing water

in shirts of capacities – 1 piece.

1.3. The pump for downloading components – 2 pieces.

1.4. Hydroelectric power station of 3 kw, the volume of 70 l – 1 piece.

with a set of the necessary hydroequipment according to the hydroscheme,

hydroaccumulator 3l. Pressure in a hydraulic system is supported

automatically in the range 140-160atm

1.5. An electrocase with the control system equipped

the controller of Delta – 1 piece.

1.6. The machine of injection of polyurethane foam in a set

with unregulated pumps, frequency converters,

electric motors, mixing head, connecting

hoses and set of nozzles – 1 piece.

We always make a commissioning of our filling machines and training of personnel, it is included in the equipment price.

Also there is a possibility of additional equipment of the machine the special chiller for autonomous providing the thermostating providing heating and cooling in the autonomous mode

Zamboni production time – 4-6 weeks, filling forms – up to 8 weeks, works are performed in parallel.

The 2nd option

The set of the equipment is intended for production polyurethane foam the VULTURE panels

by method of injection of components of the polyurethane foam -system.

The panel is the wooden frame filled with polyurethane foam from boards 38 mm thick with a partition, longitudinal on the center. In case of lack of a framework of panels limiters are the special levels which are the equipment. The top plane of the panel is sewn up with the sheet OSB 10 mm thick, on the lower plane couplers of side boards from a bar are fixed. Dimensions VULTURE panel: 100 … 150 x 1250 x 2700 mm. In an end face of the panel there are two openings for filling of the foaming polyurethane foam components.

Structure of a set of the equipment
Hydraulic ram of polyurethane foam -3/4, 2 pieces.

  1. Lifting table, 2 pieces.
  2. Table of assembly, 2 pieces.
  3. Reception table, 1 piece.
  4. PK-90 filling machine, 1 piece.

Technical characteristics

Equipment set productivity: 40 panels in change.

Equipment set dimensions: 5 x 17 meters.

  1. polyurethane foam -3/4 hydraulic ram – is intended for short circuit of internal space of the panel and heating of the lower surface. A bookmark in a press and dredging of a finished product is made on the cart in which the electric heater of carpet type is installed. The press consists of the steel case, a hydraulic system, the top persistent platform, four carts and four press platforms.

    The lifting hydraulic table – provides a possibility of work serially with all 4 carts.

    Table of assembly (it is made by the customer) – a usual workbench from which by a turn preparation moves on a lifting table.

    Reception table (it is made by the customer) – a table for reception of finished products which length is defined by the customer.

    The filling machine of high pressure PK-90 – provides necessary conditions for mixing, a dosage and giving of the polyurethane foam components. The foam filling head established on the mobile carriage and additional equipment enters delivery of the foam filling machine. The filling machines equipped with the frequency converters allowing to change smoothly productivity and a ratio from the control panel. The component ratio, productivity of each component in gr / is reflected sec. in the display. These parameters can also be changed from the display. Characteristics and a complete set of the PK-90 filling machine – see the 1st option.

    The description of technological process of production the VULTURE panels (see the equipment layout).

    The framework future the VULTURE panel gathers on a table of assembly from boards. In case of lack of a framework of panels limiters are the special levels which are the equipment. The press on a lifting table is left by the cart with a finished product (if production process already goes). Ready the VULTURE panel is shifted to a reception table, and on its place on the cart craft paper on which the wooden framework of the panel keeps within is spread. Further this preparation stops by in a hydraulic ram. The lifting table moves to other level corresponding to the second  cart then similar operations with unloading loading are made.

    After in the press at all four levels there is a replacement of ready panels with preparations, the pressing mode with simultaneous heating of the lower working surfaces joins. On an exit to the set mode of temperature serial giving of the polyurethane foam components in four preparations through two openings in an end face of each wooden frame is made. After start of foam the endurance in the press 30 … depending on thickness 100 … 150 mm of the panel is necessary 40 min. During this time it is possible to make quietly similar operations on loading unloading with other pair (a hydraulic ram lifting table) of the equipment.

    Equipment production time – three months.

    Many firms at first buy the filling machine and forms by the first option, and then when sale increases, buy a press.

    Also we do forms for production of panels with a brick tile.

    We invite you to visit our production where you will see not only assembly of filling machines, but also work on production of products of polyurethane foam.

Equipment layout (var.I)