The equipment for production of the pipes heat-insulated by polyurethane foam and fittings

You can get all complex of the equipment for production of the heat-insulated pipes from us by the “pipe in a pipe” method with galvanized, or a polyethylene cover.

We will pick up an optimum complete set of the equipment depending on the floor space, productivity and requirements to the level of mechanization and automation.

The Standart line of thermal insulation of pipes consists of the following equipment:

– Support are roller, for transportation of steel pipes and pipes covers to the site of assembly;

– The conveyor PK-056, for installation of positioner and SODK on a steel pipe and the subsequent its giving in the pipe cover located on the PK-017 Elevator;

– The PK-017 elevator, for centering and assembly of a steel pipe with a pipe cover;

– The camera of heating PK-039, for warming up of collected pipes before filling of PPU;

– A table filling PK-020, for an inclination of a collected pipe and filling of PPU;

– The filling machine of high pressure (productivity depends on a standard size of pipes);

– A rack, for storage of ready pipes before the subsequent transportation on a warehouse;;

– Control cabinet, hydroelectric power station

The expanded line includes the equipment for production of a cover (spiral spiral-wound  machine, the tape and saw machine), the site of cleaning of a steel pipe of rust, the site of assembly and filling of pipes, the site of production of a fitting , the equipment for transportation of pipes.

In addition we complete with the following equipment:

– The camera of cleaning PK-029, for removal of rust from a steel pipe;

– Tilters, for rearrangement of pipes;

– Driving live rolls, for the automated transportation of pipes;

– Racks stores for storage of pipes;

– Set of caps f57 … f1220mm;

– The tape and detachable machine for a polyethylene cover of pipes covers;

– spiral-wound machine for production of pipe in a pipe” method with galvanized of covers;

– Equipment for production of a fitting (welding equipment, extrusive equipment, rotary table, tables of welding and assembly)