Modernizations OF filling machines

We render services in modernization of filling machines of the previous generation Enters modernization:
  • Replacement of all control system. The new controller and all management via the touch display will be installed. On the display all data are displayed: productivity, a ratio, temperature of components, pressure, level of components in capacities. It is possible to set at the same time 60 programs of fillings with a different ratio and productivity and to give each of programs to the separate button on the panel. (in more detail see in the enclosed complex instruction).
  • Replacement of pumps and electric motor Pumps will be unregulated, and the speed of electric motor will cope through controller of frequency.
  • Audit of hydraulics, filling head and hoses

After modernization all control goes via the touch display. There is a day off mode. Also the car stores archive of all information on fillings, day, week, monthly, quarter which can be unloaded on the USB stick and to open in the Excel program.