Services in filling of products from polyurethane foam on own production

We render services in casting of products from polyurethane foam. We make products, both on the customer's compression molds, and on the - we have a good selection of various forms. If necessary, we will make a compression mold of any complexity. In this case we need the drawing of a product or master model. In 1-2 weeks we will make a compression mold and we will begin to fill in. We assist in selection of the polyurethane foam system for receiving products with the required parameters. Now on the equipment of own production we fill in products from polyurethane foam of various density (from 40 kg/m3 to 70 kg/m3) for our customers, including various furniture pillows, automobile seats for foreign cars to tuning firms, seats for electric trains (a so-called chair of the driver), armrests and substrates for gyms, soft backs and seats for plastic chairs at stadiums, seats for health workers and many other things. All products undergo necessary certification.
Insert from integrated polyurethane foam and a plastic back of a chair Overlays for sitting for the airport or the railway station, stamping under leather Backs and seats for stadium Fisht to the Olympic Games in Sochi
Chair of the assistant and doctor